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Seeking the Light

The woman finds shelter from a storm in a dark room with

a lamp. As if in a dream, she notices her hands take

the shape of the two White Tara* mudras**, as she attempts

to light the lamp. The glow of illumination appears. 


Her right hand is the "vyakhyana" mudra.

Her left hand is the "varada mudra," or wish-granting mudra.


Seeking the Light is a visual metaphor about a safe haven

where we can fulfill our dreams and find solutions to life's



* White Tara

   Tārā is a female bodhisattva of compassion revered in Tibetan


  The Tara mantra is:  “Om Tare Tutare Ture Svaha”


** Mudras

  As well as being spiritual hand gestures employed in the iconography

  and spiritual practice of Tibetan and Indian spiritual practices, mudras

  are used in many art and spiritualforms, sculpture, painting, dance,

  and yoga.

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