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 Hokusai PDX


Katsushika Hokusai (1760 -1849)

Jim's painting honors Hokusai's magnificent Great Wave woodblock print. Hokusai, was a master painter and print maker. He lived in Tokyo when it was known as "Edo".

Hokusai is best known for his woodblock ukiyo-e prints, but he also worked in a variety of mediums including painting and also created manga-like illustrated books. Starting as a young child, he continued working and improving his style until his death, aged 88.
Hokusai PDX  poetically blends the Great Wave with the beauty and charm of the Portland, Oregon, region. "PDX" is the airport designation for Portland.
The poster reveals three key elements:
Roses - the city of Portland is renown for its public
             rose gardens and affectionately known as
             the City of Roses.
Dragon Boats - these sleek and colorful crafts have
             graced the Willamette River for over thirty
Mt Hood - the majesty and royal beauty of this
             mountain can be seen in the distance. A
             silent treasure in the region.

Now available as a poster!  Order your Hokusai PDX poster at:

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