I was born and raised in The San Francisco Bay Area. I moved to Portland, OR in 2009 after living in the Seattle-Puget Sound area for 20 years. Painting and sculpture are my primary creative outlets. Poetry and guitar aslo call to me on a regular basis.

I received my Bachelors of Arts from California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA. I am an active member of the Oregon Society of Artists in Portland where I attend weekly open studios and frequent their painting demonstrations.


My sculpture is easily labeled “classical realism” with emphasis on accuracy of form, refined details, and integrated composition. My works are characterized by their simplicity and depth of emotion.

I have worked with a variety of media including stone, plaster, clay and wax. Several pieces have been cast in bronze and in bonded-marble. Sculptor heroes? To name a few: August Rodin, Camille Claudel, Ivan Mestrovic, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, Gaston Lachaise and Augustus Saint-Gaudens.



I returned to oil painting two and half years ago after more than a decade dedicated to sculpting.  The majority of the gallery contains what I call my "practice paintings." Each painting has been a unique and rewarding experience. I’m now ready to move on to a more expressionistic style focused on portraiture emulating Nicholai Feshin's style (Russian, 1881-1955).  



1978        —   BA - California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA    Majoring in Education and Fine Arts

1994-97  —   North West Stone Carver Symposia

2008        —   Portraiture in Clay  - Workshop with Phillippe Faraut, Tacoma College, Tacoma, WA


1994  --   May               Sweetbriar Nursery, Group Show, Kirkland, WA


1995  —  Oct                Molbacks Nursery Sculpture Garden, Kirkland, WA 


1996  —  May - Dec      The Bronze Gallery, Kirkland, Seattle, WA

1996 -97  Dec - Sept   Kirkland City Offices, Kirkland, WA

1997  —  Feb               North West Stone Sculptor Association (NWSSA) group show  Flower and Garden show; Seattle, WA

1997  —  Jan - Dec      The Bronze Gallery, Kirkland, Seattle, WA

1997  —  Oct                Mind, Body and Soul Conference, Weston Hotel, Seattle, WA

1998  —  Nov               Mind, Body and Soul Conference, Evergreen Hospital, Kirkland

2000  —  Aug – Sept   City of Kenmore Art Show hosted by the Northlake Lutheran Church

2002  —  May               Permanent exhibit - Thiem Kims Herb Company, Seattle, WA

2001  — July               PETs of America, Summer Gathering, Gasworks Park, Seattle, WA

2003  — June              Sculpture Representational Panel slide show and discussion Frye Art Museum, 704 Terry St, Seattle, WA

2004  — April               Seattle Grammy Exhibit and Auction -  The Weston, Seattle, WA

2005  — May – June   "The Dream" - Shenmen Healing Center Collection Exhibit, Seattle, WA

2005  — May               “Queen of the Carpet”  - St. Benedict Show and Auction, Red Lion Inn, Seattle, WA
2006 —  Sep – Dec      Art Cooperative 4210 - Ballard Art Walk - Ballard Ave, Seattle, WA  Exhibited: The Dream

2007 —  Jan                 Art Cooperative 4210 - Ballard Art Walk - Ballard Ave, Seattle, WA  Exhibited: Isaiah

2007 —  Aug                Magnolia Art Festival, Seattle, WA Isaiah 2nd Place Winner in the Sculpture Category 

2007  — Oct                 ArtWorks Benefit “A Collective Vision”  Event Photo shoot, Seattle

2007 —  Nov                Gottlieb Gallery  -  Portland,  exhibited  Isaiah

2008 —  Aug                Art in the Pearl Show  Portland, OR   Exhibited The Siren

2008 —  Oct                 City Hall Exhibit  Portland, OR   Exhibited The Siren and Isaiah

2012   Jun-Aug          City of Gresham Juried Show - Paintings "Opera!" receives Honorable Mention

2012 —  July                 Poster Garden, Portland, OR Exhibited paintings and sculpures


2012   July                 Street of Dream Portland, Exhibited The Siren

2012 —  Aug                 Bush Barn Gallery, Salem, OR  Exhibited The Siren and The Dream

2012   Oct                 Geezer Gallery, Portland, OR Exhibited Isaiah and The Dream

2012   Oct                 Home and Garden Show, Portland, OR  Exhibited paintings and sculpture

2013   Feb                 Home and Garden Show, Portland, OR  Exhibited paintings

2013   Feb                 Geezer Gallery, Portland, OR  Exhibited and sold The Siren

2013   Mar                 Concordia University, Portland, OR  Exhibited three paintings       

2013 —  Mar                 Oregon Society of Artists, Portland, OR  Active member group show  Exhibited Kabuki Girl

2013   Mar                 Walters Cultural Center, Hillsboro, OR   Exhibited and sold the Dream —    

2013   Apr                 Artists Repertory Theater - Portland, OR  Exhibited The Siren, The Dream, Isaiah

2013 —  Jun- Sept         Beaverton Woman's Imaging Center - Through Geezer Gallery  Exhibited The Siren

2013 —  July                 BirdSong, Portland, OR Exhibited paintings, sculpture and oil painting demo

2013 —  Jun-Aug           Cafe Jola - John's Landing, Portland, OR   Exhibited 5 oil paintings
2013 —  Jun-Dec           Love Art!  Gallery - Sellwood, Portland, OR  Isaiah, The Dream, Queen of the Carpet

2013 —  Sept                Oregon Society of Artists, Portland, OR  Active member juried show  Exhibited Lilliana

2014 —  Aug-Dec          The Brandon Gallery, Portalnd, OR  Exhibiting "Pict Warrior"  

2014 -15 Dec-Feb         Alberta Abbey, Portalnd, OR  Exhibiting exhibiting 4 oil paintings

2016 — Jan                  Terwilliger Star Gallery. Exhibited Opera!, Evening at the Opera, Flirtation, Lilliana, Rebeca & Little Orphan Annie

2016 —  Jan-present     The Brandon Gallery, Portalnd, OR  Exhibiting "Pict Warrior"

2017 —  Jan- 2019        Columbia Art Center Gallery, Hood River, OR  Exhibiting sculptures: "The Dream", "Siren's Gaze”, "Queen of the Carpet"

2018 — Feb -2019        Columbia Art Center Gallery, Hood River, OR  Exhibiting sculpture: "Bouyancy 1"

2019 May-June          Rivermark Credit Union Gallery - Sculptures and paintings                  

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